Kiras - A New Age, A Dark Time

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A New Age, A Dark Time

After your adventure down the alley and in the abandoned house saving the girl, you are met first with suspicion and mistrust but eventually with begrudging respect. The family stops and gives you 8 gold, what they have to spare, for saving their girl. You have done a good dead and are brought to the captain of Blackpine’s guard, Kara Balta, who wishes to recognize your deed personally. The mayor, Manfred Willower, who is here coordinating with the guard, is called in to speak with you and gives you his thanks as he shakes each of your hands. After a brief private discussion the mayor excuses himself and captain again speaks with you.

“This town has 2 situations on its hands, which means basically on my hands. 1. A disaster happened, I’m sure you didn’t miss that little event, that has brought this area to its knees; and 2. Someone seems to have taken advantage of the chaos to sew their own. I suspect the shadow lord’s minions have something to do with this. Damn those Morandite’s! I thought we were through all this mess and here come the dark cloaked figures once more, with evil rituals and death in their wake! My problem is my resources are completely stretched to the breaking point with the refugees and damage from the disaster and I cant spare the men to pursue this second menace. And that’s where I’d like you to come in… I’d like you to work for me, as say, special investigators. I need to you find this guy, and anyone he’s associated with and bring them to me, dead or alive with all the associated evidence and goings on. Now I don’t want you firing crossbow bolts across the provisioner’s store hitching area, endangering who know’s how many of my citizens, but you’ll have leeway to do what you need to in order to bring this guy to me. The pay is 5 gold a week, each, with 50 gold if… when you bring him to me. I’ve requisitioned the house you all fought in for you to stay if you wish and investigate either way. So if you’re up for the job, its yours.”


Update – Dave, our rogue, is having health and family issues and will not be able to join us for 2 weeks. So we’re down a player till the 12th.

The World as you know it.
Towns –
Blackpine, population ~5K, primary industry oil, pitch, tar and related products. Situated on the Great Northern road about 10 miles off the coast of the Larkspur Sea, north of the Big White Water River Delta. To the north is the Black Pine Forrest, to the west about 5 miles is town of Farrous, and East is the Big White Water River and on the other side Gregor’s Mill. The foresters of Blackpine tap the trees for which the town is named and collect barrels of sap, which they process into solvents, oil, pitch, resin and tar. The black pine tree is known for its sap production when between the ages of 10-30 years. At 30 years the tree has reached maturity and sap production slows, reducing its value to the town. Thus they are cut and reseeded, while most of the wood is discarded as its pitchy nature makes it difficult to work and dangerous to burn.

Farrous, population ~3K, primarily an iron production town. Lies just south of Red Mountain, so named for its high iron ore content and thus rust red color. The mines in Red Mountain have been worked to varying extents for about 200 years. Around 50 years ago the humans mining tunnels broke through to mining being done from the other side of the mountain by dwarves. At first the humans believe the dwarves were there to steal there ore, thus named the dwarven settlement on the other side of the tunnels, Steal.

Steel, population ~1K, an ore extraction and processing outpost run by dwarves. Formerly known as Mining Outpost 23, the Dwarves upon misunderstanding the human’s name for their village as Steel, thought this was great and took it as their name. A road and mine cart track leads north and east from Steel to the dwarven city of Anvil.

Anvil, population unknown (to outsiders). The closest translation into common of the city’s actual dwarven name would be, “The sweet sound the auto-hammers make when striking the great anvil.” Upon hearing the word Anvil, humans shortened the name thusly. Located within Peak Chok-Tal, or The Sunny Mountain, Anvil is a major dwaven city with tens of thousands of dwarves. Mining operations include Iron, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Gold, Silver and rumors have it a vein of Mithril has been discovered, but this has not been confirmed.

Gregor’s Mill, population ~2K. Primary industry is the processing of black pine wood. Across the Big White Water River from the town of Blackpine. 150 years ago Gregor the half orc found droves of discarded black pine trees in the Big White Water River Delta and decided to try and find a way to process this readily accessible but unwieldy resource into something useful. While the process specifics are a closely held family secret, huge quantities of water, diverted from the river are involved. The outcome is a dark, almost black wood that weathers incredibly well and is good for ship building, housing and any other outdoor uses. The town has become a veritable mecca for half orcs, and half breeds in general, all across the northern shore of the Larkspur sea.

The Black Pine Forest, while not a town, this area, north of Gregor’s Mill through a canyon, is a large expanse of forest within the Big White Water River Valley and houses an unknown but substantial population of elves. The area is snow bound for 3-5 months of the year and is known for its snow lynx, wolves, bear and big horned sheep.


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Progress so far -
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